The Package


As mentioned, the physical shape these resulting inter-reliant art projects took, were housed as three expansive coloured vinyl records. I referred to them as ‘fragmented films’. It took five years, and the process was designed so that it did not aggravate my condition. I was not always successful in the latter, but the records (above) began as hypotheses and ended up as sellable objects, sets of which were sold from £25-£100 each depending on the package. The example above shows the ‘luxury’ or ‘academic’ edition [sold out].

You can still buy the records individually here, here and here.

When the records are bought, bandcamp makes it easy to obtain some extras in the download versions, free with the physical objects. Below is an example of one of the films made for this large-scale project in improving health through art practice as research.

Making the above film and the music within was a very big part of 2011 and beyond for me. Just by deliberately choosing to engage with appropriate stories and culture, while ill, my life was lived, rather than lodged at home.